Dave James Hendrikse
Jan van Haperen
Geert van Niekerken
Pé Derks

MYLK, a striking band in Blues-rock and Southern Rock music.
Thanks to the obstinacy of all four Dutch members by determining to the general public, to play their own written material. With their roots in blues and rock ’n roll music, the band falls back on the attitude of the American keepers of this style. Just like them they want to make music in a self-willed way.

With a sharp contemporary touch MYLK maneuvers between warm sounds with each time a catchy melody, reflecting the subtle distinction between dark and melancholic sounds in a striking way.

In this typical way they were able to deliver a strongly formed debut EP.

Their first single "47th Street", was well received, as well as the 2nd single "Did you save the World".

In 2016, they sign an extended contract with Blues Company, and together they are able to accomplish a 10 track Album "Live it Loud”. An album in warm-blooded Southern rock- tradition, and a typical Vintage Fender sound.
Mylk often sounds refined and subdued at the same time and they have found a
clear balance between melodic songs and intense music which takes you by surprise.

MYLK are:

Dave James Hendrikse - Vocals, guitar
Jan van Haperen - Guitar

Pé Derks - Bass guitar
Geert van Niekerken - Drums